Happy 6th Anniversary to Vancouver Fit Body Boot Camp!

I literally just realized this yesterday and it totally snuck up on me I can’t believe it. I have been so busy doing 10 or 12+ hour days the last couple weeks putting some very cool things together for the near future for Vancouver Fit Body Boot Camp and I completely forgot about this.

Now if you want to win some free Vancouver boot camp for literally 2 minutes of your time then keep reading!

Today for me is slightly different than the example I am going to use here but if you are in a relationship with someone and you forget this special day, you are generally in the dog house with your partner…

Well thankfully I won’t be in the dog house with Renee for this one but…

vancouver boot camp anniversary

Today is August 17th and it marks the 6th Year Anniversary of Vancouver Fit Body Boot Camp being up and running in our current location at 1634 West 75th Avenue!!


It has been a journey and a half since opening and I want to thank all of you for allowing this to get to this point and be celebrated!
I am shocked at how fast time has flown by with this and I don’t even have kids yet… I can’t imagine how much faster time will fly by then.

I want to share 6 things that I have learned over the past 6 years of opening and running the boot camp. In no particular order:

1. Life is going to hit you and hit you hard and keep piling it on to see if you are willing to takeadversity the hits. I am a firm believer that we are not given what we want in life, we are given what we need. The obstacles that come up in our lives are there to teach us lessons to grow. Two months after first opening the boot camp my best friend who I had been living with for a couple years past away suddenly, boot camp was losing money for months, Renee and I had been dating for 3 years and broke up and more. That time was not fun but I learned life keeps going no matter what happens and your only choice is to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward, or don’t.

2. Changing how you look on the outside helps with your confidence and self-image but if vancouver fit body boot camp talks personal development is the key to your successyou don’t change and grow who you are on the inside so will feel you don’t deserve it and you will never maintain those results or achieve more. And it’s amazing how many people I realize look and smell good on the outside but are really hurting on the inside. I was one of those people for a number of years. People looked up to me and thought I was doing great and doing well for myself but I was definitely hurting on the inside. I beat myself up in my own head everyday that I wasn’t good enough until I came across personal development and starting changing who I was from the inside. And now? The sky is the limit for me and I’m excited about it!

3. One of my keys to personal development was getting around people who were more successful than I was that I could learn from. I don’t just mean more successful in the financial sense. I mean it in all areas from financial to confidence to social skills to leadership to spirituality. And if you can’t find that group like me in the beginning, pay for it! Pay for coaches, go to conferences, pay for the association because the more you get around the people who have results in their life that you want, the more you will begin to think like them and do the things that will give you the results they have.

battle_your_inner_demons     4. This one ties into personal development to but be willing to battle your own demons. Take steps on a daily steps to improve your chances of not just winning the battle against your personal demons but winning the war! Two of my many were low self-image because I couldn’t and wouldn’t talk to anyone I didn’t know and second I was at the mercy of what other people thought of me. What did I start with? Saying hi to one person a day I didn’t know. Was that a lot? For me it was. I still remember like it was yesterday on day 3 getting super anxious to say hi to a 70 year old guy looking at yogurt in Safeway. That’s where I started! I worked on that daily and about a year later I set a goal and for a month I started conversation with 20 plus people a day for 30 days. That shrunk that demon down to having very little power over me anymore. And the more I talked to people, the less I thought about what they were thinking about me!

vancouver bootcamp talks about the importance of focus and single mindedness

Don’t you dare take my bone!

5. This one I have heard many many many times over the past 5 years and it wasn’t until about a month ago I finally applied it and wow the results have been stunning!! Be singleminded! We have too many things going on in our life and we live our life as if everything is a priority and so very little gets done. I’ve had another business on the side of boot camp for the last 5 years and the entire last 5 years I have been doubleminded, never truly giving 100% to either, probably only 50% effort to both and alternating times of more effort to one than the other. I finally decided to be single minded and put that other business to the side and focus on boot camp and the amount I have gotten done, caught up on, prepared and what’s to come as a result is SUPER EXCITING!!!


6. Lastly, and actually the most important thing I’ll share as #6. I have chased after certain material things that ultimately left me empty. Even after hitting certain goals that I set for myselfand achieving them I felt good but something was still missing. I’ve realized that my number one priority and the thing that gives people the most happiness in their lives over anything is having an unbelievable marriage that is romantic, exciting, full of love, has tons of communication and is solely focused on commitment to one another. My wife Renee is the most important thing in my life and the one that gives me the most joy and happiness no matter what is happening in our lives. vancouver boot campThat didn’t just happen though! We have worked on it every single day, we read relationship and marriage books, we got mentored by people with amazing marriages (lessons 1, 2 and 3 above!). Love and your relationships are a choice and they are a choice that you have to choose everyday to work on.

Wow, just looking back on that after writing it, it has been an amazing 6 years. Full of joy and struggle and I’ve learned to embrace that struggle because of the lessons I can learn from it to grow myself. Plus the struggles are what make the good times, the good times.

Those are top 6 lessons that I can think of that I have learned over the past 6 years and I hope they add some value to you.

Now, before I show you how you could win some free boot camp I want to give you something so you can all take home a small gift.

It is something that I put together even though we are getting late into the summer season but we still got a good month worth of it left so I thought it was worth it.

I searched around and compiled a list of awesome, and healthy, recipes to make on the grill. Just click on the image below and you will be able to download it!

28 Clean Eating Recipes To Make On The Grill 28 Clean Eating Recipes To Make On The Grill


OK now lets give you the chance to win
FREE boot camp now shall we!


I have posted an anniversary picture to our facebook fan page and there are 3 things you can do to increase your chances of winning an entry into our 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge starting in September. Doing each of these things will give you an entry.

  1. Like the picture
  2. Comment on the picture (something positive!)
  3. Share the picture on your personal profile.

Do all 3 and that will give you 5 chances to win a FREE 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge from us here at our Vancouver Boot Camp.

Click here to go to Vancouver Fit Body Boot Camp on Facebook and enter. Don’t forget to like our page as well!

Make sure to like, comment and share the post today to enter!

Have an amazing day and thank you for being a part of my 6th year anniversary!!

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Vancouver Boot Camp 6 Week Transformation Program Results

Heard about our Vancouver Boot Camp 6 Week Bikini Body Transformation program coming up?

That’s probably how you ended up on this post and I am super excited to share with you what its all about and some of the results from our last transformation program in January.

We had multiple people losing weight everywhere between 7-12lbs and then there were 3 superstars that really bumped up their commitment and followed the guidelines in the program.

I reviewed people’s food logs weekly to ensure they were staying on the right track and not plateauing and these these 3 people really jumped into this program head first and followed it to the letter. We did the last program as a challenge and so points were awarded for doing different things that would allow you to move forward so the winner of the challenge was actually not the person who lost the most weight!

Which is awesome because weight is not the only factor you should be looking at because ultimately you cannot control the number. What you can control though is the work and effort you put in.

Without further ado and before getting into the details of the program, here were the top 3 winners from January’s 6 week transformation challenge.

Vancouver boot camp 6 Week Transformation Program Winner:
Stan Purcha – He lost 8 pounds and 5.5% body fat!

Vancouver boot camp

Vancouver Boot Camp 6 Week Transformation Program – 2nd Place:
Lisa Ebel – She lost 24 pounds!

vancouver bootcamp

Vancouver Boot Camp 6 Week Transformation Program – 2nd Place:
Dana Peterson – She lost 14 pounds!

vancouver fit body boot camp

Vancouver Boot Camp 6 Week Transformation Program Winners
and their Cash Prize Winnings!

Vancouver transformation program

Top 3 and their cash winnings!

Vancouver Boot Camp 6 Week Transformation Program Winners
slightly excited about their Cash Prize Winnings!

Vancouver transformation program

Money, money monehhh!


They did amazing and definitely enjoyed their winnings!


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Do you eat this toxic food?

I think everybody needs to watch this video from 60 Minutes to find out how this toxic food can really be affecting you and you are eating it everyday.

Many of us don’t think twice about so many of the foods we eat because it is found everywhere around us but that are filled with this toxic ingredient. This ingredient has been linked through many research studies to be associated with obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

Watch the video below: Read the rest of Do you eat this toxic food?

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Own Your Own Fit Body Boot Camp Gear!

I have been getting a bunch of inquiries since wearing a couple of my new Fit Body Boot Camp t-shirts and hoodies at boot camp and so I wanted to give you a look at what these look like.

If you want to order anything please let me know the colour and size and I will make sure to get it for you!



Burnout Ladies Hoodie

Colours: Black Read the rest of Own Your Own Fit Body Boot Camp Gear!

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Protected: Your Vancouver Fit Body Boot Camp Holiday Workouts

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5 Healthy and Fat Burning Holiday Recipes!

Check out the video below to find out what this FREE gift for you is all about and how awesome it is!

YouTube Preview Image

Vancouver healthy recipes!

Alright here it is, your FREE gift, courtesy of Diana Keuilian at www.realhealthyrecipes.com.


5 Healthy Fat Burning Holiday Classics


Enjoy those Vancouver healthy recipes to keep you trim and prevent your pants from getting tighter this holiday season!

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Vancouver Fit Body Boot Camp 4th Year Anniversary a Successful Fundraiser!

A BIG BIG thank you to everyone who came out and/or donated to the fundraiser event that we had last Saturday through Vancouver Fit Body Boot Camp!

The event was a huge success and so much fun!

We had about 40-45 people that attended throughout the 3 hours of the event with about 35-40 sticking around for almost the entire event.

In total through admissions we raised $575!! Plus food donations for the kids that attended and a portion of the proceeds from the products and vitamins sold that day are being finalized and added to that total.

As a bonus, we had so many prizes donated by myself and local businesses that over half of all the people that attended walked away with products, gift cards or free services.

A big thanks for donating prizes to:
Hush Hair Salon
Hot Shots Tanning Studio
She to Shic
IGA Marketplace
Stock Up Cafe

What a fantastic way to celebrate the 4th year anniversary of Vancouver Fit Body Boot Camp being open, running and changing lives!

Check out some of the pictures and video below from the event!vancouver fit body boot camp charity event Read the rest of Vancouver Fit Body Boot Camp 4th Year Anniversary a Successful Fundraiser!

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Under-Nourished.. The Real Cause Behind Obesity

I want to talk to you today about something that is a little misunderstood…. Obesity.

vancouver boot camp
If you have heard or paid any attention to stats over the last 5-10 years then you know that the world’s population (especially in North America) is getting more and more overweight and obese. Experts are also saying this generation or the next could be the first that lives a shorter life than their parents due to obesity.

Undernourished. Read the rest of Under-Nourished.. The Real Cause Behind Obesity

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The 4 Minute Vancouver Bikini Booty Workout

Its that time of year again where the sun is starting to show itself more, it is getting warmer. For my 6am boot campers, it is actually light outside when we wake up!

And of course the season for the swimsuit is just around the corner.

With that being said, this time of year I get a lot of emails from ladies telling me how they would want their legs and butt to look toner for their bikini.

Vancouver butt workout boot camp

Read the rest of The 4 Minute Vancouver Bikini Booty Workout

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Vancouver Boot Camp says you eat more sugar than you think!

Another wet day in Vancouver but what else do you expect! Besides this is still one of the most beautiful places to live and I’ll take it any day compared to the weather they get out East.

I have a question for you.

How much sugar do you eat each day?

I can bet money that 95% of you are eating a lot more sugar than you think and it is causing you to plateau or slowly gain weight. Even if you have cut sugar out of your diet I bet you are getting it in this form. I have seen many of my Vancouver boot camp clients fail to know this.

Check out this quick 3 minute video here from your Vancouver boot camp instructor:

YouTube Preview Image

From your Vancouver boot camp instructor and friend, have a great day and watch the sugar!



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